A fusion of Indonesian and Irish trad music  

KunoKini was first established in 2003 when a group of Indonesian youths collaborated in a folklore festival in Wismar, Germany exploring the richness of traditional Indonesian instruments. They have since produce extraordinary works that is rich in culture and toured the globe.

In the summer of 2017 singer, songwriter and folk artist DANI, supported by the British Council, travelled to Indonesia to work with instrumentalists KunoKini. DANI and KunoKini collaborated on material sharing songs, stories, compositions and creating new pieces of music. The combination of KunoKini’s exploration of Indonesia’s traditional instruments, in a contemporary style, with DANI’s traditional Irish style of songwriting allowed for a powerful musical partnership that has
since been continued in the studio.

During the summer of 2017 DANI and KunoKini toured Java showcasing their material at the Matasora World Music Festival in Bandung, WeTheFest in Jakarta and performing and completing workshops with Glenn Fredly, Svara Samsara and Andre Dinuth. The summer of 2018 will see DANI and KunoKini bring their eclectic music to stages throughout Northern Ireland including Belfast Mela while simultaneously planting seeds of understanding and connection

KunoKini & DANI at Mela is supported by British Council